Watch The Rain

watchtherainDuring the July and August this year, like most summers in the past eight years I spent quite a lot of time at festivals around Europe while touring with Sliotar. I was always a big believer as a musician you make the best of the festivals by spending time on them. I know this sounds bit funny, but I see so many bands that just arrive at the festival for the soundcheck, do their show and leave. I always believed the hanging around bit served few things. First of all, people do want to talk to the performers and if you are seen in the audience, it somehow makes you more approachable and in a way a real person. I know some artist like to keep this mystique about them, but I never believed it did anything positive for your career or audience engagement. The other thing is the festival organisers will remember you and if you have some fun times with them, they will want to have you at their festival again.

While I was at one of these festivals we were hit with some rain. It’s a constant thing at festivals, you keep staring at the sky and hope the clouds would go away. But I noticed something while we were sitting in a beer tent waiting for the rain to pass. I had one of those gazes where you look at the rain falling in almost a meditative state (and no it was not the beer! I hadn’t had any that day ) and it made me think how time seems to stand still when you “watch the rain”. And in a typical J.P. style the thought dragged me deeper πŸ˜€ Soon I was thinking how time seems to be flying by so fast when you are busy and how it would be cool someday when I get old, I mean really old, to find a nice place with a porch where you could just sit and watch the rain, sip your coffee (of course!) and listen to the music the nature makes.

So that’s how this song got started. But of course as always, once I got started the song got a life of its own πŸ™‚ I find it interesting how in the process of writing a song your mind picks bits and bobs from here and there and how your unconscious mind connects the dots. It makes me marvel the complex capabilities of our brains… I tend to think stuff like that in my spare time πŸ˜€

Once again I was a bit stuck with what way to go with the song. So I gave my collaboration partner Matthew Gillian the free hands to do what he felt was needed. He is a genuine multi instrumentalist, his main instrument is the drums, but funnily enough he hasn’t played them yet on any of my tracks :-D. But we’ll get to that at some stage πŸ˜‰ But he even pulled out his dulcimer for the solo on this track! Once again Matthew, I cannot find the words to thank you enough.

Feel free to share this song, hit those shares below, and once again thanks for taking the time to listen and read my blog post. You guys keep me going πŸ™‚


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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