Utilise wasted time

track-bedI am on the move again 🙂 Here in Ireland the bars are closed on Good Friday, which means I did not have my usual Friday night show with Sliotar. This was a perfect opportunity run away from the city for few days. March was a crazy month for me, so I decided quick break was in order. I am on my way to Killarney, a beautiful part of Ireland for few days of just relaxing. But as the trains in Ireland have wifi, I am utilising the three-hour trip by getting some blog posts done.

I do get asked quite often how I get so much done, and this is a great example of how I do it. If I am on the move, I work. Most places these days have wireless internet connection, but even if I don’t have internet connection, I can still write and post at later when I get online.

The thing is, I have made the blogging a part of my life, instead some sort of chore I need to sit down to do. But it was not always like that, I had to work on getting productive. It does take little bit different mind-set to see any time traveling or being stuck somewhere as an opportunity to work. I have worked in a busy pub, with just my headphones blogging out the noise. I do this at airports, busses, trains, I have even done it on my phone in a shopping queue 😉

So just try to figure out how much time you spend doing nothing, how could you utilise that time? Oh by the way, did I tell you before that trains are my favourite form of transport 😉


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