troubledToday’s song “Troubled” is the last song from the new album “After The Storm”, which will be out on the 31st of March. The Pre-Orders are available at the iTunes store right now HERE. But as always I’ll have something special lined up for the people on my mailing list 🙂

The song talks about something I’ve seen too often and I feel very strongly about. So many of us don’t know how to be happy. We convince our selves that happiness is somewhere in the future, when we reach a goal, or gain some material commodity. We can’t find happiness in the moment we live in. Or even worse, we expect someone else to make us happy, and often that someone is a partner or a loved one. This puts an unfair pressure on the other person, and every time I have witnessed this, it has led in to trouble in the relationship.

If you cannot be happy on your own, no one else can make you happy. And if you have roof over your head and food to eat, and you still cannot be happy in the moment, no amount of worldly goods will make you happy. It’s good to have goals and it is good to work hard to achieve them, but you need to learnt to enjoy the journey. In other words, you need to take responsibility for your own happiness.

This songs arrangement was easy for me to come up with. The acoustic guitar was all that was needed and as its how I started the album, it was damn sure going to be the way I was going to finish it 🙂 When at the end of 2013 I set out on this journey, it was me alone. Along the way I have made some amazing friends, and some old ones came along for the ride as well. But from time to time it is important for me to remind my self that when it comes down to it, I still can do it on my own 🙂

So once again this song remarks an end to one chapter, but there is no stopping me now 😉 Next week we’ll get straight in to the next chapter. Until then, let me know what you think of this weeks song and hit those shares!


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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