Tip the scales

tipthescaleThe darkest moment of the night, is just before the dawn. It is important to remember this. If you are a musician, a startup company, artist, writer, blogger… You work long hours for a very little money, if any, and it is inevitable to feel somewhere along the way like you hit a wall, and you cannot continue anymore. You feel like giving up and getting job, any job and forget about your dream. This is the point where most people fail.

But if you can push past these dark times, that is where hidden somewhere under that last unturned rock is where things will start to look brighter. All those long hours of planting seeds, all those late nights you spent up on your own working on your dream, while your friends were out partying, will eventually pay off.

People talk about luck. I believe you make your own luck. I believe there is no substitute for hard and smart work. But there are things you need to have on your side. For example the timing needs to be right. To win over people it is important to do things from your heart, be honest and be genuinely exited. This is addictive combination, and people will get exited about what you do.

We all lose steam somewhere along the way, and that is fine. What we need to do is learn to get motivated again. Partly I think this is a frame of mind, and we can teach our selves to push though it. This is also why it is good to build routines. When all else fails, stick to the routines, until you get fire under your belly again 😉

Have faith, ignore the doubters and the haters. Success is within you grasp, you just need to put the hours into achieving it. You need to tip the scales into your favour. And you need to learn to enjoy the journey along the way. And from time to time, take a short break, to keep your mind fresh.

Go forth and make great things 🙂


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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