After The Storm

stormIt was a bit spooky when I was mixing this weeks track and outside my studio window there was a wind howling. But the storm in this weeks song is more of an emotional kind. It’s the kind of storms we sometimes end up dealing with in relationships.

Every relationship has its ups and downs. The simple fact in life is that you cannot just have good times all the time. Our mind need the lows to recognise the highs. And in a good relationship we can be there for each others during the good times and the bad.

It is completely different thing if we become some ones emotional rag doll. If an adult cannot control their emotional responses to certain extent, I think it is time to start dealing with some baggage from the past. And if you are that rag doll that gets shouted at, or even worse, you are only enabling this behaviour. As I said everyone is allowed to have a bad day, but if this becomes everyday life it might be time to re-evaluate your situation.

How we behave usually is learned behaviour from our childhood. Often when those reactions are exaggerated though, they can be underlying cry for help. Of course our natural reaction is to try to fix the situation at hand, and not look in to the root of the problem. Besides, when you live with someone, you probably are too close to actually see it from a different perspective.

All of us carry emotional baggage, and unfortunately it usually gets dumped in to our relationships. But if we love our partners and if we love ourselves (which by the way you should do) we owe it to our selves to deal with this baggage. Sometimes just being able to talk to a friend about it helps. Sometimes the baggage might be too much and we need professional help.

I know there is still a massive stigma in mental health, but I believe people who can recognise the fact that they need help and look for it, are one step ahead of the rest of us. Years to come I am sure we will view mental health as something as normal as going to the doctor for a bad cold. There has been theories about certain mental illnesses being chemical imbalances in the brain, some of these actually have been proven in the past few years. You see, brain, just like the rest of our body needs nutrition (did you know 60% of your brain is fat? Should make you rethink the low-fat diet), rejuvenation (rest) and stimulation (exercise). If the balance between these gets messed up too much, bit like if our body when it is rundown can catch a cold, your brain will call in sick.

So how about instead of looking down on people with mental illness, why wont we treat them with the same sympathy as someone with common cold? I strongly believe home-made chicken soup is good for both.

Ok, once again I got carried away a bit 😀 But these things need to be said. If you like the song, hit those shares, leave comments, I always love to hear what you think 🙂


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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