After The Storm Rehearsal Video

editingvideoHere’s something I’d like to do more, but my resources are limited. Still I will try my best with what we got 😉 I’d like to document as much of my progress on video as possible. So we decided to set up a video camera (iPhone) in the corner of our rehearsal room week before last. It is rough around the edges, but that is the point as well. I want you to see some of the progress along the way as we rehearse the live set and eventually bring it to live shows. So don’t get too hung-up on the little mistakes here and there, that is what the rehearsal are all about 😉 And at this point we are still working on trying to figure the right sounds. But It does give you an idea of where we might be heading.

I always loved to watch the behind the scenes stuff of other artists, to see the real work that goes in to producing a show, a tour or a record. So it would be almost hypocritical of me not to even try to make something similar for you guys to enjoy. And hopefully down the line I can make something bit longer DIY documentary of the progress as well. I mentioned before the importance of your story, and this is a part of my story. Video can be a great way to share your story. It does not need to be always top quality, and it definitely does not need to be staged. Let people see the real life behind the scenes from time to time.

The song is the tittle track from my fifth album “After The Storm” that will be coming out in March. And I have Brian O’Shea playing with me on the electric banjo 🙂 Let me know what you think of the video and the idea of documenting the progress. Also what you’d like to see included in these short documents.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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