Stop talking about things and get it done

saynothingHow many nights in the past have you spent in a bar talking about how you are going to be doing this, that and the other thing? How many of those things did you do? When I set out to release 52 songs in 2014, there were only handful of people who knew about my plan. There are some scientific “facts” that say if you say you are going to do something, you feel like you now have to do this. But as much as the “science” says this is a good thing, it also says it is a bad thing. You see by saying you will do something, you get an instant gratification as you feel like you made the commitment. But that feel good factor wont drive you…

I tried both ways. I know what works for me might not work for you, but I still bet the success rate of my method is much higher 😉 So what do I do? I say nothing! I nourish a plan in my head. I have few people who are kind of sounding boards for me, where by running my idea by them, as much as I want to hear their opinions, I also want to hear my self saying the idea out loud. There is something strange that happens in that moment, where you almost hear things from the listeners perspective. But only do this with someone, who you know will not go out spreading your plans. Mostly keep it to your self. Make your self answerable to your self. Make you your own worst critic that will kick you in the ass if you get nothing done.

Also by getting stuff done, instead of talking about it makes you look much more professional and when you actually need people to help you, they know you mean business. We all know that guy in the pub who is going to take over the world and ask us to help them, and we oblige gladly. But deep down we know nothing will come out of it.

The fact is, talk is cheap. So don’t talk, act! Make things happen. Take responsibility for your own actions. Don’t blame others, don’t blame life, don’t blame the society, get off that bar stool and make your dreams reality. Back all that talk with substance, or even better, keep your mouth shut and show everyone else how it is done. Your work and the finished product is your proof, your value, your measure. No amount of talk in the world will make your dreams true or earn you recognition. Stop talking about things and get it done.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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