Stick around

wineThis is a subject that is getting harder and harder for me to ignore as I get older. Having few beers is good fun, can be relaxing and help you to unwind and I’d go as far as saying an occasional bender can help to temporarily reset your brain, even though in the process it does kill a bunch of brain cells. There are also many health benefits associated with wine and beer, especially red wine.

But when it becomes a regular thing, then you need to watch out. Especially we musicians are prone to slip with the drink. I am no saint, I have done some long tours in the past where there was not a single night that did not finish with several beers… On the other hand I am also strict with myself from time to time. If I have had a bit too much fun, I take breaks from having a drink. These are minimum two weeks and sometimes last months. But I do see fellow musicians everywhere around me who can’t even do a concert without having beers and that’s when it can become a problem.

I watched people drink all my life and there are few things I recognise. Alcoholism comes with some pretty nasty “side effects”. People might seem all right on the outside, but they become self centred on the inside. Their days are planned around when they can have a drink, and by god if you try to get in the way of it. The denial is strong, and if you dare to mention it you become the enemy. You can also become the enabler if you live with one, whereas as long as you are there, they will not change their habits.

Also one of the famous excuses is “I don’t have a problem, because I can stop when ever I want”. So if you drink a bit, let me ask you when was the last time you didn’t have a drink? In my mind the two-week mark is a good test. If you drink almost every day, but you don’t think you have a problem, try not to have a drink for two weeks. “Sure glass of wine never hurt anybody…” So when was the last time you only had that one glass? Or does it usually turn in to a bottle?

Today’s song is almost the last call of an alcoholic, where they have admitted they have a problem and they are hurting the ones around them. They are coming to terms with what they have put their loved ones through. They understand that they do not deserve the loyalty given to them, and face the final battle.

As a songwriter it is tempting to get very poetic, but I especially tried to keep this song as straight talking as possible, as again it is an important subject. Please share this song if the subject has touched your life in some way.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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