Listen.jpg So here we are, another album comes to an end. Once again sharing these songs with you guys have been amazing experience. I’d say I might be getting teary eyed, but as usual, behind the scenes, I am already working on the next one. So by any means this is not the end 😉 Before I get into this weeks song, let me just say a massive thank you for listening, sharing and commenting on the songs over the past 11 weeks. “Tell My Darling” will be out on the 9th of September and on the day I will appreciate if you can share as many of the posts and links that I will post on my Twitter, Facebook and my website. You guys are my best promoter’s 😉

Now onto this weeks song “Soul”. This is once again a bit on a heavy side, but I had to get it out of the system. Also I don’t think I could have done it without the help of Matthew Gillian. It was one of those songs were once I had the basics recorded, I was emotionally drained and I didn’t know what to do with it. So Matthew took the song and did his magic on it once again and I could not be happier how it turned out in the end.

The song tackles the all so relevant subject of mental illness and suicide. Those of you on my mailing list know that this has touched me in the past. And the song is written from the perspective of friends and relatives who have lost someone to this horrible epidemic.

My reason behind writing this song and speaking out are simple. I believe the only way we can make a change, is by talking about it and breaking down the old taboos. The guilt the families and friends suffer is sometimes almost as bad as the actual suffering of the victim.

So I ask you, please talk about your experiences, share them with others. It really does help to know you are not alone. And please share this song with anyone affected by this subject.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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