Small things in life

smallthingsinlife2 There are days when the simplest things are the best things in the world. I was sitting in the Restaurant Stoleti with my band mate Ray. Cool Czech beer and meat broth. It had been a crazy week. Bundan Celtic festival in Italy, Zach’s pub in Plzen, and that night we were playing in the Vagon club in Prague. The week ahead of us was going to be as crazy as the one before. But we knew we are the lucky ones. We do what we love.

From time to time though the traveling can take a toll on your body. Hot weather, cool beer, festival food, not eating regularly, thousands of kilometres of traveling on planes and cars… It all ads up. That morning we left Plzen with only a quick coffee for breakfast. The night before I devoured a kebab of sorts… And by the time we got to Prague, we were starving. We were there early and our hotel rooms were not ready yet, so we decided to go for lunch. Once we sat down, I realised this was the first time I had a proper sit down meal since left from Dublin nearly a week ago.

And it is moments like this you appreciate the small things in life, the clean and comfortable table, real fork and knife, good company, delicious food. When we live our daily life, it is so easy to take these things for granted. But it can all disappear overnight. So why is it that only after being deprived of something, we start to appreciate it? I am actually thinking of setting myself small challenges to remind me every day of these small pleasures. Especially on days when things are not going so well, I think it would be a great to learn how to find pleasure in the small things in life.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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