Road map to business relationships

networkingNo one will fight your fight for you like you will, no doubt about that. Until you as an artist have enough financial value for a record label, manager or a promoter to put you as their top priority, it is you who will fight your corner the best. It is only a question of having access to the information how to do things. Sure there are people in the business, who have spent year acquiring and cultivating relationships that they can call on (to certain extent) to make things happen. This is a great thing to have on your side, but again you will only have a full access to all of this if you are the artist making more money for them than anybody else.

We seem to get so wrapped up in the idea of getting someone to show us the short cuts in our career in music. But what we really should be putting our efforts into is finding, having or even drawing the road map. Those shortcuts rarely work, most cases you get nowhere, the occasional short hop actually make you miss the important stuff along the way.

You need to understand that this is not a race to the top of the mountain, and once you get there you have made it. You need to understand that no how big of an artist you will become, it can all be taken away over night. So get in to building those relationships in the business. Don’t look for people giving you a quick helping hand, instead get to know them, if not in real life, at least online. Know what they do, what they like. Find away you can help them, you know, like you would do with your friends.

Who you know is important in the music business. But getting to know the right people is not a case of getting the keys to the magic club, where rock starts of the years gone by sit sipping champagne and snorting coke… Getting to know the right people most likely these days happens mostly online. So get talking to people online on Twitter or Facebook. Don’t just start sending Emails randomly to people. Be smart, be real, be considered. And never forget that people can sense your enthusiasm. Be passionate about what you do and it will shine through. It will be like an addictive drug.

And when you make those relationships, nurture them. Turn them in to friendships for life. If you will not take anything else in from the hundreds of blog posts I have written here but this, you will be ahead of the game in your music business already.

And you know what? You should do the same thing with your fans.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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