Read Between the Lines rehearsal video

Read Between The Lines rehearsal imageI think it’s time for another rehearsal video 🙂 This time it is a video of us playing a song that was the tittle track from my second album “Read Between the Lines”. Once again, it is a work in progress, nothing fancy, just an iPhone filming us running through the track during our rehearsals last week. But it does capture little bit of that sound scape we have been working on.

For those of you following my songs and blogs for a while now, you might remember this was an important song for me talking about the experience of growing up with dyslexia. For those of you who have not heard this song before, you can read all about it HERE.

Brian and Barra have been working hard with me on the songs and I cannot thank them enough. Soon enough we are hoping to put the hard work in to good use and go out in the world to play some live shows. But more on that as things develop 😉

And as always, I have no budgets, or record labels promoting these videos, except you guys 🙂 So do me a favour and hit those shares below, post this video on your Facebook, Twitter or any other social media you prefer to use, or if you have a blog post it and send me the link and I will share it with the rest of our wonderful community 🙂 You guys rock!


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