Quick tip 95 Give them a reason to work with you

J.P.s Quick tip

J.P.s Quick tipThe bigger my following and my blog grows, the more I get random Emails from people who ask me to help them. They expect me to have the keys to the wonderland of professional musician. The thing is, by now I have enough knowledge of the DIY music business, that I can actually help a musician who really want to give it a proper go. But too often what I have to offer is not what they think they need, or want to hear and my advice goes unheard. I have my own career to worry about, so I’m not too happy to waste my time on someone who is not willing to take in the information.

So when I get an Email from someone asking me to help them, unfortunately most times I don’t even answer anymore. If I did, I’d spend several hours doing this every week. I have better use for those hours, I much rather spend the time to write another blog post for you guys 😉 So if you really want me to help you, you need to give me a reason to help you. The best way is to do something to help me first, something significant enough that I will notice it.

This goes with anybody in the business, give them a reason to work with you. Just because you play amazing music is not enough these days. It is up to you to bring your music to the masses, and if you need help along the way, start by helping others first. If you do something remarkable to someone in the business, that is the most surefire way to get them answer to your Email.


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