Quick tip 92 Don’t resort to excuses

J.P.s Quick tipAll the advice in the world is no good to you, unless you are willing to act on it. I can tell you time and time again that you need your own website, get on twitter and start interacting, start building a mailing list, get into routine of writing songs… All of this means nothing unless you are willing to follow the advice.

Don’t resort to excuses. Time is never going to be right, there will always be more urgent stuff to do. When you finally get to it, you will do the best job at it, what ever it is you do, or that’s at least that’s what you tell me. So how about not coming up with those excuses, but instead not wasting time talking about it and actually getting off your backside and getting it done. It’s the quiet ones you got to watch out for, not the loud mouths who exclaim to do this that and another, but never gets anything done.

So I think its time to drop those excuses. Instead ask your self what’s really holding you back? Why can you not get those things done today?


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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