Quick tip 90 Punctuality

J.P.s Quick tipSo you have saved your hard-earned money to go in to the studio to record your greatest (first) album. This is something that once it is released, will represent you for years to come. You sat down with the band, decided on the material, worked out all the arrangements. You agreed to track everything individually and even the guitar player has learned to play his solos with the click track. You have agreed with the studio to start at 10am, but when the day finally arrives, your bass player is running late…

As we discussed before, studio time can be costly, and if you agreed with the studio to start at certain time, that is when the clock starts clicking and the bill starts running if you’re there or not. This does not only relate to studio work, but goes with anything to do with working as a musician, be punctual. Be in time. In fact, be early! Find a cafe near by the studio and get there an hour early to have your breakfast. This way even if you are stuck in the traffic, you still should be in time.

There is nothing that the professionals in the music business hate more that their time being wasted. If you want to be respected, be professional, be respectful and be always in time.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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