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J.P.s Quick tipOk, so if you haven’t done so yet, let’s get started with your Website. Remember if you want people to take you seriously as a musician, your own Website is a must! I am going to break this down to weekly small tasks, so it won’t seem as such an overwhelming task and you can spread out the costs over several weeks as well.

Let’s start with domain name. I know you are thinking, “why would I register a web domain before I have a website ready?” Don’t worry, we’ll make use out of this domain straight away 🙂

You can use Godaddy.com who are some of the biggest in the business, to register your domain name. I prefer Namecheap.com. GoDaddy will give you a nice deal for the first year (or few years depending your deal) where as at the time I registered Namecheap gave me a price that stays the same.

Search for the domain name you’d like, I definitely recommend .com over anything else. The country dedicated ones are usually more expensive and sometimes much more difficult to obtain. Besides, if you are from Ireland and you insist on .ie, it’s almost like assuming you are only aiming at the Irish market. Once you have found the domain you like, triple check the spelling and then just buy it! Don’t over think, just do it.

In Godaddy log in after purchasing the domain, click on the domain and you should be directed to the Domain Detail page. Also here is the Domain Settings. Under it there is Domain forwarding and beside in blue text link Manage. Click on it and you are directed to window where you can set up your new domain to forward to anywhere you want, for example to your bands Facebook page. I would not recommend to leave this in the long run. It looks better than not having your own domain at all, but it is no substitute to having your own website. But for now it’s a start. If you prefer to use Namecheap, go HERE for the instructions how to do the same. We will continue from here next week 🙂


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