Quick tip 86 Pre-production

J.P.s Quick tipLet’s face it, recording studio time is expensive. As soon as you walk in to the studio, the bill starts running. There is a reason for this as well. You see quality recording equipment is expensive. Even though you can buy a nice home recording setup these days for a fraction of the price from what it would have been let’s say twenty years ago. But even more so, a great studio engineer is an artist in their own right.

But when you go to recording studio, you should be prepared. When you are paying by the hour, you should not be working on the arrangements. All this should be done in the pre-production. Get some basic home recording software on your computer and demo all the songs you are going to record in he studio. Work out all the arrangements in these demos. When you are going in to the studio, you are going to reproduce those demos in a professional quality.

Whether you’re recording a demo to try to get some shows, an E.P. or a full album, you need to be smart. There is no point in blowing a massive budget. Be smart and get your pre-production done properly. And don’t forget, studio is not a place to practice new stuff. Make sure you are able to play that “mind-blowing” guitar solo in your sleep, before you go to record it.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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