Quick tip 85 Don’t disturb the guy talking to the microphone

J.P.s Quick tipSo to wrap up a week of quick tips on performing live, here’s a one I keep repeating over and over again, and it drives me mad when I need to do this. If a band member is talking to the audience over the microphone, do not try to comment on what they are saying, do not try to throw in a smart comment, and damn sure do not try to correct them. This is extremely distracting.

Talking to an audience in a fluid effortless sounding way, takes time to learn to do. Most of us get hit by a stage fright from just the tough of it. And having someone try to talk to you in a mid sentence, will stop your flow. But the audience don’t necessarily hear the comment, all they see is the person talking to the microphone stumbling in their words. And yes this will make not only the person talking on the microphone, but your whole band look unprofessional.

Sure you should have fun, but the audience is not interested in inside jokes. First of all, be professional and conduct your work professionally. There is plenty of time for the fun after the job is done.

And don’t get me started on arguing on the stage! But that is a blog post for another day 😉


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