Quick tip 82 Eye contact

J.P.s Quick tipI often talk about the importance of making a connection with your fans. I thought to continue on the live performance tips a bit more, so here’s one: make eye contact. When you are performing live just make eye contact with someone in the audience for a few seconds, enough for them to realise you saw them and acknowledged them.

This is something I have learned over the years. I used to be very drifty eyed 😀 I mentioned before that my mind is a busy one, constant flow of traffic up there. And my eyes where the same when I was performing live. I was trying to look in to a hundred different places at the same time.

But few years back, after hearing about the power of eye contact from several sources (including the book Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss and Amanda Palmers famous Ted talk Art of Asking) I decided to work on it. And I can tell you, it works wonders. Something as simple as taking the time in the middle of your show to look someone in the eyes in the audience, can really make your performance feel so much special to them.


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