Quick tip 81 Don’t turn your back

J.P.s Quick tipHere’s a tip I was taught long time ago, back when I was in School. I was lucky enough to have a music teacher’s substitute for one year whose background was actually being a full-time musician. I think that year I learned more beneficial information in the music class than any other year 😀

This advice is actually based on acting in theater, but it is very important playing live as well. Never turn your back to the audience. Now there are exceptions to the rule, but they are very few. There is nothing worse than a guitarist turning towards his amp and back against the audience during his solo. You are performing live, so perform. As a young kid I did not read too much in to it, but after watching bands for years I now cringe every time I see some one do this.

Once you get it n to your head, it is not hard to do. If you need to look at the back of the stage, do this standing side ways. If you need to talk to the drummer, walk beside him, not in front of him. And once you are aware of this, it becomes almost automatic.


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