Quick tip 79 Just write

J.P.s Quick tipThe creative work is always a battle to a certain extent. The songs, music, lyrics, art work, writing etc. hardly ever falls from the trees, you need to work on them. Waiting on inspiration I regard as a one of the biggest wastes of time. Sure it is not always easy, but if you don’t give it a damn good go, nothing will happen.

When you are lost for ideas, let the blank canvas inspire you. I on regular basis start writing songs or blog posts without knowing what I am about to write about. I sit down and just write. Sooner or later something starts to make sense and you can then edit out the bits you don’t like. I believe there is almost like an imaginary doorway to your unconscious mind, that will open once it realises you are in a writing, or creating mode.

Art, in its greatest form, portrays an emotion, makes us think and feel something. But the creation part is very much a craft. You need to put the hard work into it to create something great. So when all else fails, just write.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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