Quick tip 76 Copywriting for musicians

J.P.s Quick tipI know, you are musician, a songwriter, not a copywriter. But the truth is, marketing your music will hugely depend on a great way to tell your story. Being able to write a great bio, great press release, a great engaging sales pitch that does not feel like you are trying to sell, but share your music, is vital these days for the independent artist.

Even your Facebook posts, or tweets success depends on the language you use. Twitter is a competitive environment, and I have found conversational posts, and the true life posts where I share something real are the ones that people respond to. In Facebook the game is altogether different, the organic reach of pages is low, and if your posts look like “self promotion” the Facebook algorithm will make sure no one will see them. You can read more about how this works HERE. So the success of your posts relay even more on good copywriting.

But what if you simply are not good at it? Writing is like anything else, the more you do it, the better you get at it! But if your passion simply is not in it, then you need to outsource it. There are some great services out there, starting from Fiverr.com where you can get people to write stuff for you from just $5, but good copywriters are worth their weight in gold, so I am sorry to say, if you want the best, it is going to cost you.

On another point, let me just say I rarely have seen a great bio written by the artist themselves. It is extremely hard to write about yourself. So I would recommend you invest at least every few years in a good quality biography.


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