Quick tip 74 Document

J.P.s Quick tipWhen you are writing music, one thing I have learned the hard way was to document everything. Fresh ideas come and go, sometimes we forget about them before we manage to document them. I know of some artists who believe if idea is good enough, you will remember it later. This never worked for me.

I suggest you document everything. With all of the new technology w have these days, it is easy enough to do. I have Garage band on my iPhone, that I use for the first draft demos. These are rough recordings, where you often hear me still working out the melody lines as I go along. Before I got the garage band, I used just the voice memos, which is perfectly fine as well. I also writ e lyrics in the note on my phone, and once they are finished, I email them to my self, so I have a copy of them in my mailbox and I also save them on my computer. This also leaves a digital trace, in case of any copyright disputes at later date.

Get in to the habit of documenting everything, even just ideas and you can come back to them at later date during a songwriting session. Great song ideas are tough enough to come by, so don’t let them slip through your fingers.


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