Quick tip 73 Clear your mind

J.P.s Quick tipHere’s a one I can stand one hundred present behind, but I must give credit where there credit is due 😉 Some of you already know Brian O’Shea, who plays banjo with me. We got talking about the quick tips and I thought it would be good idea to get some perspective from other musicians as well.

Clear your mind. This was Brian’s tip for live shows. Before getting on the stage, clear your mind about all the worries of every day life. You can not be performing to your best if you are worrying about the bills, or other everyday stuff. So before you climb on that stage, take some time to just calm down. In my personal experience doing some simple breathing exercises can work a treat here. Try breathing in slowly, fill your lungs with air, and then slowly breath out. And really concentrate on the air flowing in and out. This will slow your heart rate and help your mind to calm down.

This is something I always struggled a bit with, as my concentration is not he best. But over time you get better at clearing your mind.


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