Quick tip 71 Stay ahead of the game

J.P.s Quick tipYou are faced with an uphill battle even on a good day in the music business. Things will not go according to the plan most of the time. You are dealing with things you do not have control over, for example people’s taste, professional people who are up to their eyes and unfortunately you are not on their priority list, or even unpredictable fellow musicians (artists can be a challenge to deal with).

But there are things you can prepare for. You can be ahead of your own schedule to allow for things to go wrong. Turn up at your venue you are performing early on the day of your show, make sure you have backups for all of your equipment, talk to the house engineer prior to the show, so you know what equipment they have. If you are recording, make sure all of your equipment is in good condition. Make sure you turn up to your studio session rather early than late, studio time is expensive. Allow things to go wrong in your album launch schedule. Allow things to go wrong in your album budget.

In the long run it pays to be prepared for the worse, so make sure you stay ahead of the game all the time.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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