Quick tip 7 Recording acoustic guitar

J.P.s Quick tipToday’s quick tip is a small recording tip. This is how I make my acoustic guitar sound big! Use two microphones, one pointed at the neck just about where the neck meets the body, and another pointing at the body just behind the bridge. Now pan them one left and one right. I use hard pan when I record tracks where the acoustic guitar is the main instrument, but for band arrangements I pan it about 35% both ways.

Also if you have a good pick up which sound you like, you can record that as well and leave it right in the middle, but keep it low. It will add different kind of attack. I also boost the bottom end from the pickup, as it is more controllable than from the microphones. And I tend to cut the tops above 5000hrz, as above that most pickups get harsh and quacky. Don’t worry, you will get loads of top frequencies from the microphones.

That should get you started. Once you try the two microphone technique, you never go back to one 😉


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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