Quick tip 69 Stop worrying about how to monetise your recording

J.P.s Quick tipThe recorded music had a good run of success. I mean, we had vinyl, we had cassettes, we had CD’s and then we had downloads. The thing is, streaming is here to stay, no matter how unfair you as a musician feel about it. It is a convenient way for the fan to listen to music, and they are the consumers at the end of the day. But in reality not that much have changed really, if we think of it. Not everyone bought music in the good old days of vinyl. There were more people out there who’s only form of consuming music was radio. It was only the true fans who bought physical records.

The independent artists did not have a way to get their albums in to the major stores, the major labels made sure of that. So pretty much the only way to succeed as a recording artist, was by getting signed. But now everything has changed.

When you record an album these days, you should not record it with the end goal of making money by selling it. First of all it should be your calling card, it should be your promotional tool. It should be your key to get to play tours. And its these tour’s that will pay your bills if you are smart about your budgets. And it’s on these tours you will still sell physical product like CDs.

Further down the line you will see money from streaming and radio play. And if you are lucky you can get some song placements as well through licensing. These days the artists income need to be diverse. There are no one set source of income. So stop worrying how to monetise your recording. If you play it smart it will pay it self back many times over through different revenue sources.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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