Quick tip 67 Gear v Tone

J.P.s Quick tipHere’s one I need to remind my self all the time 😀 Stop buying more gear! Sure thing you need a quality instrument, and if you are a touring musician you need a backup. But don’t get new instruments mixed up with better playing. What I have become to realise in the past few years while messing around with several different guitars and pickups, is that the core of your tone is in your hands!

So instead of searching the world wide web hours on end for the perfect instrument, why not put the same effort in to the practicing? It will take you years to develop your tone, and you should work hard at it. The instrument is just a tool. Sure, a great instrument makes the work easier, but the best instrument in the world will make no sound what so ever without the player.

So I challenge you to do something. Put your gear hoarding in the back burner for a month. Can you do that? I mean, no surfing of the net for your next dream instrument for a one month. No reading of the trade magazines, no hunting of YouTube videos or reading of reviews. Instead put all the time in to developing your tone at the core, which is your hands. See what you can do with the instrument you have at the moment. 30 days of just pure tone development at the core of it. Can you do it?


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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