Quick tip 66 Photographs

J.P.s Quick tipToday’s Quick tip is linked with today’s blog post, which you can read HERE. A great photograph is a fantastic promotional tool, no doubt about it. If you have enticing photograph, the chances of a blog featuring you will definitely increase. The same goes with press.

When you want to get photos done, we worry about finding the right photographer, the right location and portraying our image and message. But too often we do not think about who owns the rights years down the line. I know your new photo might be for your new album, and that is pretty much all you are worried about right now. But you should be worried about what happens if you would like to use the same photo years to come in an inner sleeve of a compilation album. These are things you need to agree on before any photographs have been taken.

Sit down with the photographer and discuss in advance what you are going to use the photos for and what you might use them years to come. Make sure both parties are in full understanding and that both parties agree the price for the job is fair. Also find out where the photo credit is required and where not.

And one more thing, live photos. Technically the photographer owns the rights to the photos, so you are better off to hire photographer to take your photos for you than just hope someone in the audience will be kind enough for you to use the photos for your next album cover.


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