Quick tip 64 Promotion v spam

J.P.s Quick tipHere’s a quick one that so many musicians and bands still get wrong. There is nothing wrong in reaching out to people online. In fact, you need to do this to build your following. But as with everything, first impressions are important.

So to be successful at this you need to do few things. First of all targeting. You need to target people who might even remotely like your music. If you make country music, there is no point trying to target bunch of metal heads. Go after the fans of artists whose music is similar to yours. This is something any proper business does online.

Never start with “check out my music”. This is an important one. Break the ice first, say hello, like you would in a real world. And when the moment is right, you can politely as if they would be interested in hearing your music. Don’t just post a link to your music. The worse ones I see are links to iTunes on a first contact message, Tweet, or a post.

If you bother to spend a few minutes communicating with your new followers, find some common ground, something you both like. Then you are on to building a relationship, not just spamming. And yes you should be building relationships with your fans!


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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