Quick tip 61 Studio vocal EQ

J.P.s Quick tipToday’s quick tip looks a little bit in to how to EQ your vocals in your home or project studio. What am talking about here, is kind f of problem solving that will come handy when you record at home, or in a project studio, where things like sound proofing or acoustics might not be optimal.

There are few things I found very useful. First of all let’s deal with the bottom end. If you are recording with condenser microphone, you will get a lot of detail. Not all of this detail is ideal. In the low-end you tend to get rumble and low hum, so I find it a good trick to cut anything below 100 hz out completely.

You can do the same with top end, but the top end is not as specific. So set up a cut and start cutting from the top obvious and listen when it comes in the voice, then go back a bit. My own voice, which is baritone I usually cut from around 17 Khz. Test it out for your voice.

There are two other things to keep in mind. Most vocals are most dominant around 2 Khz, so if it gets lost in the mix, try boosting it around there, or cutting other instruments around the same frequencies to make the vocals more room. Also lot of the top end detail is around 5 Khz so boosting around here, is a great way to add some presence to the vocal.

Those are my quick “cheat sheet” and I find they can help you to bring more professional quality in to home recordings. Try them out 🙂


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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