Quick tip 60 Change something

J.P.s Quick tipWhen you work hard, it is too easy to get stuck in a routine. You do task for the sake of doing tasks instead of concentrating on the goal. I am guilty of this often. But I am also becoming better at recognising it and shaking things up enough to keep me focused.

As a musician we are quite focused on our shows, but when you do hundreds of shows one after another, especially when they are residencies, it can turn in to a routine easily. But as musicians it is our job to give the audience the best show possible every time. And by changing something, you can keep your self more focused.

This can be anything, the order of the songs, the tone of your guitar, new effect pedal, heck even new strings. Just something that will break the routine and keep you more focused. The same goes for your music promotion efforts. If something works well, stick to it. But at the same time most things only work for a certain time before it becomes stagnant. So change things up. Think about something different to post on your social media, not just the same promotional stuff day after day. Get creative, have fun with it. And if you have fun, more than likely that will translate to your fans having fun as well 🙂


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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