Quick tip 58 Camera stand for your phone

J.P.s Quick tipThese quick tips have got bit on the side of “not so quick” this week 😀 So here’s a something cheap and simple that has helped me out a lot in the past six months a lot. You know I am all about getting stuff done fast and not over thinking. Aiming for perfection every time is admirable, but you also set your self to fail every time. Nothing is perfect, and in my eyes it’s those imperfections that makes something real 🙂

Anyway, here is something I got on Amazon for a less than twenty quid and it has paid itself back several times. It is a mini tripod stand for my iPhone, that I use all the time for taking photos and videos. No, it is not a selfie stick 😉 It is an actual stand. We set it up every week in the rehearsals, I have used it shooting videos and snapping photos weekly, if not daily since I got it.

iPhonestandIt weighs hardly anything, it fits in to my guitar case, back bag, even in the inside pocket of my jacket and it is with me most of the time. It was one of those things I thought I should get, but never got off my back side to order one, but once I did I am using it all the time. And it’s cheap. These are the little hacks that make your life easier and help you get more stuff done. Get your self one and start shooting those videos, after all they are a great way to promote your music 😉


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