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J.P.s Quick tipAs a musician your body is very much a part of your instrument. The best guitar, or a drum set won’t play it self. It’s still your hands, your arms, your back, you legs and your mind that will be controlling the instrument. Make the best use of your body and your playing will improve as well. Here’s some of my quick fixes that have worked for me.

We very much are what we eat. I know there is a stereo type of the bands eating out of McDonald’s weeks on end to keep the cost of their tour down. Do your self one big favour and don’t do this! I could go on a rant about how the food most fast food chains sell is designed to get you addicted to it, while still leaving you malnourished so you’ll be back for more. I have toured a lot, so I know how hard it can be trying to eat well while on the move. My first rule is always to have a breakfast! This is where you can make a big difference. And concentrate in getting in some good protein and as much vegetables as possible, the rest will take care of it self. At home I am a big fan of my juicer, it’s a great way to get a lot more vegetables in to your diet. And eggs, fish and chicken are great sources of protein. On the road It is what ever the hotel breakfast has to offer. But in most cases you can make it count. Nothing worse than few hour down the drive you try to scrape together a breakfast at a petrol station.

Also keep moving wether it’s at home or on the road. Swimming is one of the best exercises for musicians. But I know not every one is a fan of a big exercise routine, so let’s make things simple. Walk! Try to walk as much as possible every day, and you’ll be amazed what a difference it will make to your general health. I use an app on my phone to count my steps. My aim is 10000 steps, most days I fall short, but I get close to it 🙂

Everything in moderation, that includes alcohol. If you like a wild night out, I won’t stop you. But after that wild night out take few days off the drink, and never cure hangovers with alcohol! That is a slippery slope.

Oh yeah, and sleep. Good quality sleep is important. I try to stick to seven hours these days. And by the way, drunken sleep is not good quality sleep 😉

You can only work as well as your body lets you, so make sure it is in the best shape possible.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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