Quick tip 54 Facebook update

J.P.s Quick tipToday’s quick tip is not as much a tip of what to do, but a short explanation why you should not panic if your Facebook pages likes dropped over night. You have worked hard to get that number up, so I can understand you might be bit annoyed. But there is a good reason behind it and if you take a moment to think of it, you will see that this is to your advantage.

Facebook decided to remove the likes from inactive accounts. These are people who have not logged in for a long time, or have given up on Facebook for good. I personally think this is long overdue. We all know Facebook is the largest social media site out there, but there are a large number of inactive accounts, and it is time to clean these up. Also this will get rid of a lot of fake accounts. Now if you did somewhere along the line bought a chunk of likes from some of those “online shops”, this is where it is going to feel like waste of money. But in fact it was that all along. Fake likes are useless and anybody in the business can spot them mile away. If you want to invest on your Facebook page, Facebook ads are the only way to go.

The good thing here is that you are left with much more engaging account. You know the people who like your page are active on Facebook. There is nothing worse than thinking you are shouting to thousands of people, but in reality no one is listening.

You can read more about this update on Facebook’s own website HERE


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