Quick tip 45 Twitter DM

J.P.s Quick tipToday’s Quick tip is all about using Twitter’s Direct Message (Also known as DM) to promote your music. I’m sure some of you will have a critical view of this, but then again if us musicians stayed away from everything criticised by some of you, we’d never get our music out. In all honesty I have contacted a lot of people through Twitter DM and my personal negative feedback has been less than one in 10000.

There is a fine line between spamming and genuinely connecting with people. If you assume that people want to hear your music, you set your self to fail straight away. If you just send a link, and ask them to check out your music, you are not really giving them any reason to do so.

What I recommend is trying to engage them conversation. Let them know there is a real person behind the message, and then politely ask if they would be interested in hearing your music. And if you get a positive reply, then and only then send them a link. Think of it just like being in a party and talking to strangers. You don’t start by pushing your music on them. You get to know them first. Or if you do, you definitely are “that” strange person in the party that every one is trying to avoid. It’s the same thing online.


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