Quick tip 41 Do it your self

J.P.s Quick tipMost musicians suffer from the “next level” syndrome. We want to find a manager, promoter, booking agent, PR company, record label to take us to the “next level”. Most of us don’t even know what that next level is… The problem is, we expect not to walk up the stairs, but take the lift instead. There are no levels, they are thousands of little steps. Basically what we want, is someone else to do the work for us.

Sure these people possibly have a great deal of experience and knowledge. The thing is, knowledge can be learned, and should be learned by you. It is the lack of knowledge that makes artists the victims of major labels, tied to contracts that only serve the label. There is no point having an exclusive contract with a booking agent for a specific territory, when they don’t get any bookings for you.

There is no one who will fight for your career in the early days like you will. So don’t get someone to do a job for you that with a little bit of knowledge you can do much better your self. Learn your business, the information is out there.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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