Quick tip 4 Rejection

J.P.s Quick tipWhen you start (or try to) your career in music, it is natural to believe you need to be discovered. You think you need to make a kick ass demo and submit it to the record labels, then hope one of them will take you and make you rich and famous. Most of us get disheartened by the constant rejection and eventually give up. Let’s put things into perspective. In 1962 Decca Records turned down the Beatles and instead signed Brian Poole and the Tremeloes. Now let that sink in for a little while…

Ok, so how do we deal with the constant rejection? How about minimising it, or get rid of it completely? In 2015 if you want to be a successful artist, you need to adapt an entrepreneur mind. Think of your music career as a business. Learn the business and do it all yourself. The information to get started is widely available online. Be smart, keep your startup lean. This does not mean you should not invest in your career, but you need to be smart with your money., it is going to be a long ride.

Once you churn out several albums, tour a lot, build a strong mailing list and make a name for yourself, then if the major label comes knocking you are in a completely different position to negotiate a deal.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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