Quick tip 37 Don’t force it

J.P.s Quick tipI know yesterday’s Quick tip was all about not letting the little things get on the way, and just getting on with it. So today’s quick tip is a bit of a contradiction to that in many ways, but life in general can be one big contradiction 😉 This is something I do all the time and that is why I often have few tasks lined up, so even if I hit a brick wall, I just swap over and I can still be productive.

When it comes to art, content creation, or even planning, sometimes you just can’t force it. From time to time things need just that, time. Sometimes our unconscious mind needs to process things at its own pace. It’s an organic process where shortcuts rarely yields in to a great results. I often find my self indecisive about certain things, whether it’s an arrangement of a song, promotional plan, or what ever. And no matter how foggy it all seems in the moment, I’ve noticed how my unconscious mind will keep working on the subject even if I move on to something else.

So if you hit a brick wall, don’t force it. Put it on a back burner for a day or two, and get on with other things on your list.


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