Quick tip 35 Twitter

J.P.s Quick tipI don’t think it is any secret that I prefer Twitter over Facebook as my preferred social media. Although Facebook has come up with few cool updates lately, twitter is still the king for organic reach. Yesterday Twitter introduced something pretty cool. You can now post videos from your mobile phone directly to twitter, without having to use any other platform. These videos are max 30 sec at the moment, but with some clever thinking you can do a lot to promote your music in 30 secs 🙂

So if you have iPhone or an android phone, update your twitter app. And when you go to post a photograph, you can choose the camera and it will have option to swap over to a video. You can also choose a snippet of an existing video from your video library on the phone. I’ve already used it to share some fun rehearsal room stuff on my twitter.

I think this is a great update and I will be putting it to use in the next few weeks, so keep your eyes out for some short vlogs 😉


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