Quick tip 34 Be true to your self

J.P.s Quick tipHere’s a lesson I learned the hard way, the long way and I am still learning it every day. Be true to your self. Sounds simple, but it is extremely complicated! I have been told in the past that I am not a singer, I have been told that my guitar playing is not up to scratch (OK, it was long time ago…) I have been told “You will never make it”. All of the above can be hurtful. It can also be extremely motivating.

In a many ways the path of a musician is all about proving others wrong. And by trying to do that damn hard, you actually learn along the way as well. You do get better. Remember people will judge you based on what you are today, and based on what ever their reference is. In most case this is something they listen to them selves. They think you will never make it unless you sound like so and so…

It is OK to copy someone else in the beginning of your career, but it is your individuality that makes you special. It is that voice of yours that will make you sound unique. Yes you still need to learn to use your voice to the best of your abilities. But if you sound like a copy of someone else, you are good for one thing, and that is a tribute act. Be true to your self!


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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