Quick tip 27 Learn the Blues

J.P.s Quick tipI have dabbled my hands on a quite many styles of music over the years. Acoustic guitar is my main instrument, the extension of my hand. I love it! From time to time I like to make some noise on my Telecaster, mess around with pedals, but I always come back to the acoustic guitar. Acoustic guitar is very unforgiving instrument. Everybody can learn a few chords and get quite good at it, but to master it and I mean really master it, you need to devote a lifetime to it.

But it does not matter what instrument you play, the one thing I learned very early on was the importance of Blues. If you want to be great at any instrument, you need to learn the Blues. This will help you in what ever style you will end up playing. Blues will teach you the basic structures, the importance of riff, improvisation, emotion and most importantly rhythm, the groove.

I was lucky to have family friends around me while I was growing up, who exposed me to some great blues albums at an early age. And I can tell you it has had an immense effect on my playing, still does every time I pick up my guitar. Learn the Blues, it’s the basic building blocks. It’s the foundation you build on.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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