Quick tip 19 Recording

J.P.s Quick tipHere’s another recording quick tip that often gets overlooked. We all love our nice detailed condenser microphones when it come’s to recording vocals. I had the privilege to try AKG C12 once, and I can tell you it was amazing! But so was the price tag as well…

But the thing with home recording is that we don’t always have the best sounding rooms when it comes to acoustics. Here is where your good old dynamic SM58 comes handy. Dynamic microphones pick less of the roominess of the space you record in. So if your vocals sound like you are in a box, try swapping your condenser to a dynamic microphone. You might be surprised of the results 😉

You think dynamic microphone is not up for the job? Shure make some great dynamic microphones, SM 8 is a legendary, used by Michael Jackson and Metallica to mention few. Bono from U2 is known for using Shure Beta 58 in the studio, so never underestimate that humble workhorse.

The dynamic microphone might just be the cheapest way to deal with nasty sounding room 😉


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