Quick tip 18 Don’t over think

J.P.s Quick tipToo often we waste time on the little details that really does not make that much difference in the overall picture. We tweak and tweak just the tiniest things on our website, our recordings, or even something so simple as social media post.

Here’s the thing, if you spend an hour pondering over something that is only a small detail and is not crucial to the over all picture, could you not use that time for something that actually would make a difference?

Recordings will never be perfect! That’s a fact of life and applies to any form of art. This does not mean you should not give it your best shot. But if you are over working a part that really does not add so much to the track, or most people won’t even hear, move on. That guitar take is not perfect? Will it be, or are you spending expensive studio time practising?

As to websites, they should be work in progress all the time, so just put it out there and feel free to tweak it tomorrow again 😉

The only time you should hold back is when dealing with hostility. That is the time to take a breath, think it over before lashing out. Is it really worth lashing out, or do you just lower your self to their level?


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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