Quick tip 15 Support act

J.P.s Quick tipWe all dream about being a support act for some big acts. We feel this would be our big break. Too often the reality is something very different. Remember that scene in “Crazy Heart” (great movie, that portrays the life of a musician in a very realistic way) where Jeff Bridges is about to play support slot? Where the sound man is trying to make him sound not as good as the main act? That happens a lot.

I remember many years a go, I was supposed to be playing a show with Sliotar at a festival. In the last-minute the venue had to be changed as there was a big touring band whose contract said their stage setup could not be changed after the sound check. It was a silly rule to have, especially at the European festival circuit, and let’s just say they will not be booked for that festival again. We ended up having a great show at a smaller stage, and been asked back nine times 🙂

Bands like to portray themselves as the big thing, even when sometimes they are not. And due to this thing try to find nice support act, but still someone who make them look good. Now here’s my view. How about you actually try to provide value for your audience? Instead of looking for an OK support act, look for a great one. If you do this time and time again, soon your followers will remember your nights being a great nights of music where they get to see you and also discover new music.


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