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J.P.s Quick tipThis one goes for festival shows, or band nights, where there are more than one band performing on the night. I watched a band, who’s name I will not mention here, but lets just say they are professional band with years of touring experience. On a tightly run festival schedule, they stretched out their setup and sound check well over an hour. They actually managed to alienate them selves with parts of the audience, who were patiently waiting.

And after the show, the band headed out to have the usual after show fun, while their sound man and the drummer clear all of the bands equipment off the stage. This took them nearly forty-five minutes, while the next band were waiting to line check and play their set, which was running very late.

Never ever think you are somehow more important than the other bands on the program. Be respectful of their time, and practice your setup before the set and the taking down of your equipment as well. With Sliotar we have turned sound checks nearly in to fine art. If the sound man is ready for us, we can set up and sound check in less than 30 mins, and that’s with a full drum kit. This make us much more professional looking, and most sound crews love working with us 🙂


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