Quick tip 144 Touring tips

J.P.s Quick tipRight so, as you might know I am on tour with Sliotar at the moment. And I thought it might be time to give some touring tips for those of you embarking on your first tour. I’ll be posting these tips for the next few days, so stay tuned. These tips will genuinely keep you alive!

The first one is water. Never under-estimate the importance of staying hydrated. Most festivals are on summer time, when the weather will be hotter, and traveling, loading gear, sound checking in the sun and playing shows will make you sweat a lot. But even on winter tours you need to remember to keep drinking water.

Water will keep your singing voice in order and it will literally keep you alive. I drink a lot of water anyway, so my water intake can easily reach more than four litres a day. But at the very minimum I would recommend two litres a day. And this is pure water, coffee, beer, juice or fizzy drinks do not count.


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