Quick tip 143 Push yourself

J.P.s Quick tipYou will never know your own limitations as an artist unless you push your self to the limits. And it is in those moments when you think that you are done, you find news strength, and I bet you will surprise your self with your own capabilities.

Last Saturday we played at the Bundan Celtic festival starting at 11.30pm and the temperature was 38 degrees and humidity 56% just before we got up on the stage. Des, who plays Drums in Sliotar told me after our two you show that there were moments where he was not are if he was going to make it. But we pushed on, and played amazing show.

So it is in those moments where you will test your self. You will dig in to extra storage, you did not know you had and you might just elevate your performance to a new level.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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