Quick tip 140 Stop trying to skip ahead

J.P.s Quick tipSo you tell me you want to record a great album and release it to the world, build a fan base and tour the world. But you want to do it “right.” You want to be professional, you want to use the best studio, you want to play the best venues. Sure you have worked hard on your chops for years, people know you are a good musician, surely this is only going to be a question of “pump in the money and get it done.”

Well, let’s step back a bit. Did I hear you mention something about building a fan base? This should be your priority number one! To do this, you need few great songs, well recorded that you are willing to give away for free. Then you need to get on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and start engaging with the right people, the kind of people who might be into your music. Get in the conversation, make friends before you even talk about your music. You do this over and over and over again! For days, for weeks, even for years. Fan base is not built overnight, it takes hard work and dedication. Stop trying to skip ahead. As an artist you are nothing without your fan base. Building that fan base should be your priority number one right now, not when your album is read. By then it is too late.


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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