Quick tip 138 Concentrate on your strengths

J.P.s Quick tipTo succeed in music business you need a large set of skills. In fact you need more than you can manage by your self. In the beginning part of your career (which can sometimes last years) you need to know how to do most things by your self, as you probably cannot afford to pay anyone to do the job for you. But you will never be the master of all trades.

So as soon as you have some money coming in, figure out what you are good at, what are your strengths. Concentrate on these things. Figure out what you are not good at. Find someone who is good at these things and hire them to do it for you. There is no point wasting time struggling on task that some one else can do much faster and probably with better results, if with a small fee you can outsource the task. You need to learn what your unique strengths are, and learn to delicate. You are the CEO of your own career, so act like it. This will leave you more time to concentrate on the important stuff, for example your music 🙂


The author J.P. Kallio is a singer songwriter
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